Monday, December 17, 2012

Just In Case You've Run Out Of Ideas

Sometimes I spend waaaaay too much time online.  Hell, most of the time I spend way too much time online.  During those endless hours, I often come across things I really like and bookmark them.  Here are ten of those things - a perfect idea list for Christmas presents. 

Handmade Leather Goods: No sewing machine? Hand cut and stitched? One guy, one craft, One Star Leather Goods.

Cole Haan Village Zip Satchel Bag:  Reminds me of the one I used to have which was also silver with hot pink lining. I miss that bag.

Gold State Pendant Necklace: Delicate, unique, and real gold.  I'd get New York, of course!
Artisan Channel Set Sapphire Ring: I LOVE this ring. I love the squarish shape of the ring, the thin profile, and the sapphires – sapphires are my birthstone. I just wish it was real gold instead of gold plate.

Burrata: I want to make it and eat it. Or buy it and eat it.  Or get it as a gift and eat it.  Shit, I'd do most anything to just eat it.  It's deeeeelicious.  And if you've never had it, and you don't want to make it, you can sometimes find it in your local grocery store.  BelGioioso makes it and distributes it to a lot of regular chain groceries.  Look for it. Your life will improve.

Underwater Dogs: I’m not a dog fan, but I have a lot of friends who are. And I’m sure they’d love this book.
Nyan Cat Hoodie:  I wouldn't wear this, and I didn't know what "Nyan Cat" was until I researched it after I found the hoodie, but now that I've seen the hoodie, I totally wish I had someone to buy it for.  Genius.   A character with the body of a pop tart, as seen in a video that's been viewed over 89 million times can't be wrong to wear.

Mustache Door Mat: Because mustaches are so popular right now, and every marble entrance needs a mustache to greet guests.

Handblown Glass Fruit: I don’t have any need for glass fruit in the truck, but if I were to break down and buy some, I’d totally go for the fig.


USPS Mail Sack Tote: I am TOTE-ally crazy about totes. I have more than I need to carry stuff I don’t even have. Of course, I can always buy stuff to fill the totes. Hmmmm.

After this list was published, I came across another little something that I must include.  Let's call this a "bonus" item.  Or really, we can just call it a gift that cancels out all the other gifts on the list.  Because if I were to have say, oh I don't know, four or five of these to stack on a finger, I wouldn't care if I ever saw another glass fig in my life.

Tiffany Celebration Rings:  I have all kinds of celebrations in mind that would warrant one of these rings.  I guess that's why they're tiny, so you can get several.  This one is my favorite. I absolutely have a thing for squares.  One of these will be on my gift lists from now until I hit the grave.

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