Sunday, December 02, 2012

Rushing To The Mine

This weekend, Ed and I ran a team load from a coal mine in Southern Pennsylvania to a limestone quarry in Southern Florida.  It was a quick, 21-hour run that made us a pretty penny for one day's work.  It was mining equipment that was apparently needed right away, as they got us in and out quicker than I think we've ever been loaded before.  In addition, we were supposed to get a full truckload but wound up with only two pallets that took up just three feet of our trailer.  Talk about easy-peasy. 
We loaded yesterday and unloaded today, which was unusual because we rarely load/unload on a weekend, but I guess some things just can't wait.  Here's a big 'ol crane we saw at the quarry.  It was rusty and didn't look operational, but what do I know about cranes?  It had the name "The Gentle Giant" painted on the side.  Awww, how sweet. 

We'll be spending the next week in Florida to take some classes for our next phase of trucking.  We're moving into another division, hauling government freight.
This will likely be the first and last time you ever hear me mention anything about that freight, as it's highly confidential and if I blog about what I'm hauling, I might be doing it from a prison Internet cafe.  Do they even have Internet cafes in prison?

It's not going to be a regular gig for us, so have no fear, I'll still be able to blog about the other, regular load stuff.  Just not always on the day it happens - which is very unlike today's post.  This one is special, just for you.

Tomorrow will be spent doing the thing I hate most on the road - laundry.  We left home on November 1st and we're almost out of clean clothes; and before we left Pennsylvania, I put our last set of sheets on the bed.  We'll soon be naked and sleep-deprived if we don't get it done. 

This is where time in prison doesn't sound so bad - they always have clean sheets for the cot in your cell, and they never run out of orange jumpsuits.

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