Sunday, January 17, 2016

There Is Poetry In Change

This was my mother's living room.
She has since made it into her dining room.  Because the living room is longer than it is wide, it created sort of a weird space to create seating and she wanted something cozier.

The dining room table is so big in the smaller space, she thought switching the rooms would give her the cozy seating area she wanted, and the larger space she needed to extend the dining room table for family functions or lunches with her friends.

But because the living room had carpet, the chairs were impossible to move easily. And it was even more difficult for her friends, most of whom are in their seventies. So she decided to remove the carpet and have my brother and Ed tile the entire room, which they finished last week.

This is the result.

She loves it.
Living room sad. Need
space to please, table to feed.
Now I am happy.

That was a Haiku.

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Belledog said...

Turned out beautifully. Love the chandelier and the glass objects in the cubbies. Makes the room serene.

Now I want to see a pic of her cozy sitting area.

dlg said...

Beautiful. Didn't realize this was the room they tiled.