Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Citrus Oasis Awaits Me

Today we visited Rillito Nursery to find out about plants and trees for our yard.  We talked with a landscape architect and she walked us around their facility pointing out what might work for the idea we have for landscaping.

As I mentioned in past posts, we'd like to landscape the yard with decorative rock and different kinds of plants - some cactus, some succulents (that's a delicious word!), some flowering color.  There were so many choices I felt overwhelmed!

My favorite trees though, were the citrus.  In our backyard we used to have lemon, grapefruit, orange and pomegranate trees.  After years of the irrigation system not being maintained, and my parents aging to the point that yard work wasn't really something they could do, the trees eventually withered and died.

At Rillito Nursery they had quite a few mature trees - with fruit on them! - ready to be planted.  I definitely want those in my yard.  The leaves are so lush and green, so bright and shiny, and they smell amaaazing with their fragrant flowers.  I pulled a leaf off one of the lime trees and folded it in half - the oils in the leaf immediately filled my nose.  Oh dear, soooo fantastic.

We are going to have a beautiful oasis.  I can't wait!

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So colorful; so yummy!