Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Lively Evening

This year's birthday has been full of surprises.  What I thought was just going to be another day - Ed and I had dinner and a movie planned - wound up involving a surprise dinner and gifts.

We decided to do an afternoon movie and go to Harvest afterwards  I always want to eat at Harvest and can never get anyone to go with me.  Since it was my birthday, Ed agreed.

But, after the movie Ed said he had another plan and had to stop home quickly to do something. When he came out, he had pants on instead of shorts.  I asked him why he changed and he said because it was cold.  The weather was unseasonably cool but I didn't think it warranted a change of clothing.  Especially for Ed.

I had to make a quick return to the mall and while I was inside, he was texting me to hurry up.  I had to cut short the little bit of looking around I had planned and rush back outside.  He kept saying, "I don't want to be late."  For what?  It's only Harvest.

Then he started driving in the opposite direction.  I said, "Where are we going?  Harvest is the other way."  He told me not to worry, he had something else in mind.  I know all the restaurants in Tucson and was racking my brain about where he could be taking me.  I ticked them all off and he kept saying no.  Flemings?  No.  North?  No.  Blanco?  No.  Gavi?  No.  Trattoria Pina?  No.  That new one over on Skyline?  No.  I couldn't imagine which restaurant he had chosen.

As we got closer and he put his blinker on, I said, "I hope you aren't going to Anthony's in the Catalinas, because that place is closed." 

That's when I saw the sign for Vivace.  That's where we were going.  I had forgotten that they moved their location and were now in the old Anthony's.  Wow.  Such a surprise.

We parked the car and went into the restaurant.  Ed seemed to be having trouble locating his reservation and was chatting with the girl at the reception desk.  I went to the restroom while he sorted it out.  When I came out, he took me into the dining room and pointed to our table.  But there were people sitting there.  And then I realized those people were my mom and my friend Kim.  I was confused, then surprised.  Totally surprised!

Turns out everyone was in on it and the plan was hatched earlier in the week.  No one said a word - a feat for my mother - even though I had talked to all of them about birthday plans.  It was a great dinner, followed by dessert and the opening of gifts.

I am one lucky woman!

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