Monday, September 19, 2016

Shoe Success!

My male readers might want to skip this's about shopping.

This week I went to shopping for two nightmare items - bras and shoes.  I know a lot of women don't like bra shopping, but most love shoe shopping.  Not me. Mostly because I have a giant foot and can never find anything I like or that's all that comfortable.

Until today.

A few days ago I bought two bras, two pairs of wide-legged pants, this dress/tunic (in linen, not cotton), and one pair of stretchy cropped pants.  I decided to return the stretch ones and see what else I could find and took my mother to the mall with me for the yay or nay vote.  I didn't find anything but she left with new jeans and a few cute tops.

She was also looking for shoes so we wandered over to the shoe department.  They rarely have my size in department stores (other than Nordstrom) but I thought I'd take a look anyway.

When I talked to my friend Marlaina this morning, she told me to look at a brand called Vionic.  I hadn't heard of them and filed the name away since I figured I'd have to search for them online.  But then, lo and behold, there they were, right before my eyes. Not only did they have my size, but the shoes I tried on were a size 11, not my normal size 12. Elation!  My mother got two pairs and I wound up getting four.

I got a pair of flats in black and tan, a pair of these in sparkly black (love them!), and this pair by FitFlop.  A MaryJane really isn't my style, but they were SO comfortable I wanted to crawl into them and take a nap. Next on my list is a Vionics loafer, in the brick orange color.

I'm so excited that I've now found two brands that I'm certain are going to be a staple for me.  Shoes that are comfortable. And fit.  I'm thrilled! 

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