Friday, December 23, 2016

It's Never Too Late

You have two days left until Christmas.  If you're a procrastinator like me, you're probably still shopping.  Don't fret, there's still time to get some great gifts.  Here are some things I love (any of which you should feel free to send me) that you might want to consider adding to your last minute shopping list.

First, let's not knock drugstores - Walgreen's, CVS, Duane Reade.  They have a surprisingly good selection of stuff everyone needs, and most of them are open 24-hours.  Some are even open on Christmas Day! Can't get more last minute than that.  My favorite is Walgreen's, and it just happens to be the one closest to my house.  If I were to cruise their aisles in the next day or two, I'd buy these cute lip balmsthis super shiny top coat, my favorite powder blush, the best makeup remover towelettes on earth, the cleanser I use every day (dermatologist recommended!), and at least ten boxes of coffee flavored Nips.

But if you have a little more time to research, and don't plan on shopping Christmas Eve, take a look at these options:

One of my favorite apps the
Audible app. I LOVE it!  If you know someone who enjoys reading, this free app gives subscribers offline access to its audiobooks.  Each month the subscriber receives a credit they can use toward downloading a new audiobook of any monetary value. The subscription also allows members a 30 percent discount off purchasing additional audiobooks from the website’s 180,000-plus titles.  Gift cards are available for three-month, six-month and 12-month subscriptions at $45, $90 and $150, respectively. Gift cards are also available for individual books.  I would love you for this.

There are tons of apps out there, and of course it may be hard to choose if you don't know the person well, but you can buy iTunes gift card if they have an iPhone, or a Google Play gift card if they're using an Android device.  You should be able to find both cards a local store that has one of those gift card displays.

I love subscription services.  You can buy a one-time gift or if you really like the person, a recurring delivery of treats - edible and otherwise.  Check these out.

Harry and David - I haven't received this personally, but an old boss of mine used to get boxes delivered every month.  It was fantastic!

Blue Apron - I'd like to try one of these food delivery services.  I've seen so many commercials, I'm intrigued.

ArtSnacks - If I were to buy this one, I know exactly who the recipient would be.  What a great idea!

RunnerBox, CycleBox, and TriBox - These sound great.  Ed might just be getting one in the

Birchbox - I'm totally putting this on my list.  Ed, are you reading this?

There are TONS of subscription services to choose from.  There's Beer of the Month Club for brew fanatics, ManCrates for guys, BarkBox for dog lovers, and many more. Start Googling, you're sure to find one that fits!  

My first pick is Amazon Prime.  Not only do you get access to free movies, books, and music, but you get free shipping on tens of thousands off items found on their website. They have everything.  It may be a little pricey, but it's totally worth it.

Netflix - you can buy a gift card at Amazon, Target online, and Walmart online.  They'll be delivered to the recipient via email.

RedBox - Who doesn't love RedBox?  A movie for less than two bucks?  Give me this now!

Magazine subscriptions.  One of my favorite gifts EVER.  I love getting something in the mail every month.  This is the gift that you give once but can be enjoyed for a year or more (some two-year subscriptions are cheaper than buying lunch).  You can buy a magazine in a store, wrap it in a box and give it to the recipient.  You can buy a subscription online through or Amazon, or you can buy access to the Texture app, where they can access their magazines on their tablet or phone.

See?  There's hope for last minute shoppers.  If all else fails, and you're really pinched for time, you can always find a gift card to a local store.  I love getting ULTA, Barnes & Noble, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, and others.  It allows me to get something I love - usually more than once - and it always fits.

Happy Last Minute Shopping!

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