Monday, May 29, 2017

Back In The Saddle Again

This weekend I took Ed to The Silver Saddle Steakhouse, a place I haven't been to in 19 years.  The restaurant was founded in 1980 and grills steak over mesquite wood located in the dining area.

The Silver Saddle Story on the menu reads, 

"In keeping with old southwestern tradition, a custom steel and brick mesquite wood grill and pit were built.  An antique buggy wheel with welded horseshoes attached served to raise the cooking grill to appropriate levels above the smoky mesquite wood fire.
Burning Arizona's native wood lends an unmatched smoke flavor to the food, plus this amazing wood, while burning, can produce temperatures which can exceed 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, so we suggest that no one stand too close to our open fire.  

Over 21 different varieties of mesquite wood grow in the areas of Arizona and Mexico. Our bar top in the Tapadera Lounge was formed from a large mesquite tree milled in Trincheras, Mexico.  Strips of bubinga, an African hardwood, highlight the mesquite wood to create a bar top of unique natural beauty.

Every tabletop in the house was handcrafted of willow with highlights of purpleheart, another African hardwood, which deepens in color with exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The block and timber walls, built over fifty years ago, wear their newly remodeled, resawn fitted pine planks like a new coat.

The greatest care has been employed to present our guests with a comfortable environment in which to dine.  Blended with our pride in excellence of food and beverages offered, we hope the Silver Saddle stays at the top of your lists of fine restaurants."

The restaurant is located just off of Interstate-10, in a sketchy part of town, next to a seedy motel, but don't let that deter you.  Believe me, it doesn't deter the locals, the place is always packed.  Don't let the challenging parking situation scare you off.  Find a spot, and get inside.

It's a true cowboy steakhouse atmosphere.  Your mouth will start watering before you get into the building, as you can smell the mesquite and the steaks cooking from outside.  The place has a comfortable vibe.  You will see college students, families, old timers, and businessmen dining side-by-side.  It's not a chain, so don't expect to see a blooming onion, but take advantage of watching the steaks grilled before your very eyes.  They have a big salad bar and the staff is super-friendly.  

You will definitely walk away satisfied.

If you're in Tucson or just passing through, check it out.

It's going to be hard to pass up a great steak grilled over authentic mesquite wood!

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