Saturday, May 27, 2017

Education In Ruins

 This is the Kent Public School in Kent, Texas.
Located at Exit 176 on Interstate 10 in Kent, Texas, this abandoned school sits is easily accessible from the service road.
I've passed this building hundreds of times just in the last year, and probably several hundred more times in the past thirteen years and have always wanted to stop.  I was hoping to get here as the sun was setting for that really cool light but it had dipped below the horizon before I could reach this point.  I used what light I had to get these shots.
Whenever I see buildings like this I wonder why someone didn't rescue it.  It's just a very cool stone building.  I guess having a twenty-five to fifty person population since its inception probably doesn't warrant a renovation of any kind.

I found this information on a ghost town website:

"Kent is an unincorporated village in West Texas at the intersection of Interstate Highway 10. It was founded before 1892 and was originally known as Antelope because of the large numbers of those animals found there. A post office was established in Kent in 1892 but was never in operation. A second post office opened the following year with John Charles Rickli as postmaster. In 1896 two livestock businesses operated in Kent. By 1914 the town had four cattle breeders, a general store, and an estimated population of twenty-five. For four decades beginning in 1924 the estimated population was fifty. The post office was closed in 1960 and the Kent school in 1961."

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Belledog said...

Beautiful. I'm glad you stop and photograph these sites, and the blue approaching dusk is just fine.