Monday, May 27, 2013

One Pan Eddie: Five Steps To Paradise

BREAKING NEWS:  I don't like to eat "real" breakfast in the morning.

By that I mean what most people consider a real breakfast:  Eggs, Bacon, Country Potatoes, Toast, Pancakes, Ham, etc. 

I may eat like a bodybuilder the rest of the day, but my breakfast is almost always light:  yogurt and fruit, oatmeal, cottage cheese and cantaloupe, a bagel and a latte.  Small, non-greasy, refreshing, breakfast-y.

Ed is the exact opposite.  He wants a lumberjack breakfast.

I rarely cook breakfast in the truck for him because a) I don't like doing that much work ten seconds after I open my eyes (which is exactly how long it takes Ed to claim he's starving after the light of day hits his cornea), b) the smell of bacon grease makes me want to hurl so early in the morning, and c)  I hate the cleanup.

If I were to make this breakfast, there would be at least two pans, three knives (butter, jelly, cutting of potatoes), a whisk, a fork, a spatula, a bowl for the egg yolks, two plates, two juice glasses and two coffee mugs. 

When Ed was done, he had one frying pan, a spatula, a bowl, a coffee mug and a fork.  I should put him on kitchen duty all the time.  And in four steps he was done.

STEP ONE:  He started by making his country potatoes - one potato, cubed, sautéed in butter with onion flakes, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.  Look how golden brown they are.  When they were done, he set them aside.
STEP TWO:  Same pan, four strips of bacon (one was for me).  They're a little fatty looking here, but let me tell you, he crisped them up like he was going to enter them in a bacon beauty contest.  I've never had a more perfect strip; even crispness, not a burnt edge in sight.  When they were done, he set them aside. 
STEP THREE:  He whisked the eggs with a little milk, poured them into the same friggin' pan, and started the makings of his omelet.  Once eggs are set, he placed a few jalapeño slices in the center and covered them with two pieces of cheese.  He took this picture to specifically show the truck parked next to us through the kitchen window. 
STEP FOUR:  After the cheese melted, he folded the egg in half, and voilà!  An omelet.
STEP FIVE:  He piled all of his food on a plate (notice he used a paper plate, meaning fewer dishes to wash, damn his genius!), added two slices of toast, grabbed a cup of coffee, and began to indulge.  Paradise.
I was done with my breakfast at this point, but I finished drinking my latte and nibbled my slice of bacon and I watched the five-year old joy in his eyes and he chowed down on his restaurant quality, Memorial Day meal.

AND, he cleaned up all his dishes when he was done.

Why oh why am I not letting him in the kitchen more often??

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june in florida said...

And he cooks too, is there nothing he can't do? That looked so good!

Gil said...

Looks like he really knows his way around the kitchen. My son is also excellent in the kitchen! Is that truck parked next to you a fire truck?

Ed said...

I love breakfast Gil, that isn't a fire truck though, it is an Excelerator 8000! Basically it's a tiller:

several of them on the trailer next to us.