Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bike Shopping Part Deux

So yeah, uh, the bikes Ed bought a few days ago?  We returned them.

After lunch yesterday, we went to two bike stores and rode a few other bikes and decided we kinda liked them better than the ones Ed got.  The ones Ed bought were from Target, inexpensive and readily available.  We thought they'd be a good idea for starter bikes because they were cheap.  But after riding some other bikes yesterday - like the ones we've test ridden in the past - we decided we wanted real bikes.  Quality built, warrantied, and a brand that could be serviced all over the country.

We brought them back to Target last night.  Today, we went shopping again.  And I found my lover once again - the Trek Pure - she's the one showing off in the front of the line in this photo:   
I got on the bike and I just knew.  She fit my culo like a glove.  I felt as if I were sitting in my living room.  The way the bike is built, the pedals sit forward of the seat, creating a more comfortable pedaling position.  The bike has seven speeds - why do I need more than that? - it's got sturdy thick tires, comfortable hand grips and when you're riding, you sit in an upright position.  It's wonderful.  Effortless.

I like effortless.  I'm not interested in being Lana Armstrong.  I want to get on my bike and tootle over to Starbucks.  Ed is used to riding.  He used to do it daily.  Miles and miles.  Like twenty to fifty miles at a time.  The bikes he's owned are serious riding bikes - Cannondale,
Bianchi (high-performance Italian bikes), Specialized.  He gets on a bike and it's like the old saying - it all comes back to you.  The way he took on the parking lot during our test ride, you'd think he was training for the the Tour de France.  I barely got it out of third gear.

This is my very comfortable, very grandma 
Trek Pure Lowstep.  The color is Candy Orange.  I want to lick it.
Ed got the Specialized Crossroads Sport, which has 24 gears, and tires that are a bit narrower and bigger than mine.  The color is Charcoal, nicer than plain black, sort of like smoke.  And he loves it. 
We got fenders for both bikes, and a rack for the back of each.  We'll buy lights and maybe a flower for my handlebars.  And definitely a bell.

Because if they don't see me coming on an orange bike, they will most certainly hear me!

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Gil said...

Beautiful bikes. Don't forget to buy 'brain buckets'! Maybe, you will ride Bike NY with my son next year...

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: Helmets are on the shopping list. Bike NY, huh? I just looked at the website. I think I'd be a little nervous to bike in the boroughs!

Gil said...

They have a route that you have to follow without vehicles. My son and his friend(s) were most bothered by inexperienced riders that wobbled their ways up the smallest of inclines. I told him that is how i used to ride on my old 1954 large tire Columbia!!!

june in florida said...

They are beautiful, where will you put them?

Belledog said...

Excellent bikes.

Helmet, helmet, helmet.

Great you got racks for the backs of the bikes.

You might like some cushy cycling shorts too, if you do many long distance rides. I wear mine under a pair of cargo shorts (for the pockets).

Biking is good.

Ed said...

June, we are going to have to put them in a custom box, but that will probably take awhile. Until then they will most likely be in storage somewhere. But at least we have them now. We have been talking about it for years.