Monday, May 13, 2013

Cottage Industry

Hotel room, sewing machine, scissors, my project materials, and CSI Miami playing in the background.

The makings of a modern day sweatshop.

I have been sucked so far into Ed's "let's-mount-the-bikes-all-I-need-is-a-cover" project, that last night I felt as if I were making t-shirts in Bangladesh.  I was up until five in the morning, creating a bike cover crafted from weatherproof canvas material sourced from auto accessories.

Ed was up too, watching TV and playing video games, and every once in a while he would look over and say, "Done yet?"

At one point I got up to refill my glass with Diet Coke and he said, "What are you doing??"

"Please, sir, I want some more." 

"Get back to sewing!" he barked.  Joking, of course.

It's not as if he could have helped at that point since only one person can sew at a time, but when I was done, he helped me lay it out so we could take a look at it.

I have to say, I'm pretty damn spectacular.

Today we messed around fitting them on the bikes to see how they'd secure to the trailer.  I still have some work to do - grommets or buttonholes or something to thread the 1" straps through.  Tomorrow I'll hit the fabric store to see what they have. 

Then I'll sit back down with my sewing machine and finish what I started. 

It's like Project Runway:  Trucking Style.

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Marlaina said...

You are a very talented woman. I curtsy to you.

Amazing how a man project can only be finished by a woman!

Can't wait to see the bags.

Unknown said...

That's awesome! Waterproof canvas can be difficult to work with. Photos when you're done, please!

belledog said...

do you keep a sewing machine on the truck?

hats off to you. good luck w project

ps tee hee re marlaina comment

The Daily Rant said...

MARLAINA: I will have to take pictures of them on the bikes. They came out pretty good.

BA: The fabric was a little challenging - the hardest part is cramming all of it under the little "arm" of a regular sewing machine.

BELLEDOG: I have one now. We went out and bought it for this project and I think I'll just keep it in the truck. I've already used it to repair my duvet cover. Next I'm making a mattress cover. I have a sewing machine at home, but I never took it on the road with me. Now I have a truck one - I think all of my needs have now been met. :)