Monday, May 20, 2013

Super Smooth Ride

Yesterday we took this bridge...
Across this river...
To ride this trail...
The pedestrian bridge at the north end of Moab is where you'll find the pedestrian/bicycle bridge that crosses the Colorado River, which is where you pick up the Moab Canyon Pathway you see in the photo above.

The pathway runs thirty-five miles to Canyonlands National Park, but we only rode it a little over two miles to the entrance of Arches National Park.  We didn't go in the park - we're saving that for another trip - but the ride was nice because just as we began, the sun went behind the clouds and the temperature dropped dramatically.  As if they knew I was coming.
This photo of the park entrance was taken with the super vivid color setting on my camera, but the dirt and rocks really kinda are this red. 

With this five mile round trip plus the mile or so we did in town before this, we rode about seven miles.  I can't even believe I just wrote those words, because they mean I traveled a distance of seven miles propelled by my own legs.  Who'da thunk?

So, uh, you know, someone really should call those guys over at Guinness, because I'm sure there's a world record in here somewhere. 

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scott said...

nice pics.. And you got paid to go out there!!

june in florida said...

Wow 7 miles is impressive.Hope you don't feel it tomorrow, i am positive i would.

all things bradbury said...

brad & i love the moab beautiful!!!....tickled to hear about the bike rides...i keep thinking that now that i'm home i need one to tool around lost creek on....kinda channeling angela

The Daily Rant said...

SCOTT: The weather got a little overcast by the time we went out, so I did the best I could with the photos, so thanks! And yeah, getting paid to go to these places is the best!

JUNE: I haven't felt it yet. I think the pace was so leisurely that I didn't have to exert myself too much. I like the riding much better than walking. I feel like it's easier on my joints. Crap - who thought I'd ever be writing those words, "easy on my joints". LOL

BRADBURYS: It was kind of beautiful, and you know I don't love the west all that much. But those rocks are really something. Truly amazing. The bike has been awesome. Mine is the "grandma bike", feels like I'm sitting in my living room. I think you should check it out - it's a lot easier than I thought it would be and I think I'm getting exercise without actually feeling like I'm doing it intentionally. The next thing I'm buying for the bike is a basket. I need a basket! LOL