Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here's Your Sign

After we left the Freightliner shop, we had to drive over to get the tire fixed. Now call me critical, but are these really the people whose hands I want to put my life in? Do I really want these people to put the steer tire on my truck? Go on, look for it...

Squint. See it? Not yet?

OK, let me get you a little closer. Here you go:

Do you see it now?

This location actually wasn't the one who did the work, they sent us to their other location, but when we got there they had the same exact sign.
Hasn't anyone noticed this?? Why hasn't anyone said anything?

This is not the only place I've seen this word misused; Facebook, comments sections of blogs, emails. WTF? It's not a typo either because with some people, I see it over and over again.

So what do you do? If you know the person, do you correct them or mind your own business and let them look like a dumbshit all over the place? Or do you make them a sign?

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Gil said...

Knowing me I would have told them something like "I hope you didn't pay for those signs". When they asked why I'd tell them. A local builder had his truck lettered and the sign company spelled construction wrong. He drove around like that for weeks before he showed me his new truck, I told him construction was misspelled, he didn't believe me, I had him type it in his computer - Bingo! I was right.

all things bradbury said...

this makes me crazy too. but i even catch myself at it sometimes when i'm in a hurry. the operative word here being "catch".

jess said...

I'm one of those people who has absolutely no problem correcting spelling errors. I always figure that they would prefer to know so that they can fix it... instead of continuing to look like idiots. I've pointed out things on restaurant menus to my servers... probably annoying to them, but at least the problems have eventually been fixed. Yes, I'm slightly OCD about spelling. :)

Ms. Crawford said...

After reading this all I could think of was ? Friends! you guessed it. You remember after Ross and Rachel make up at the beach and then break up again... "You're means you are, your means your!" lol.

To be honest though I am a horrible speller. But I think this mistake isn't so much about spelling as it is about improper grammar. The word is spelt right just misused. Oh well. We all make mistakes right?

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