Saturday, May 08, 2010

Back On The Road And Sleeping Like A Baby

After three weeks in the Los Angeles area, we're finally back on the road. Taking a great load (light, no tarp, great pay) from California to Charleston, SC. We have plenty of time to get there and actually had time to stop in Tucson to see my Mom so I could give her her Mother's Day present in person. It was a short visit, but I was able to not just see her but my brother and nephews as well.

Getting back on the road after such a long time off always throws my clock out of wack. We don't ever have any kind of "schedule" but we do like to stay up late and had been doing that almost every night in LA. The worst part for me is not getting my sleeping back on track, but trying to stay awake while the truck is moving. The rumble of the engine and the vibration of the truck is enough to put me to sleep while standing. I'm like a baby in a car seat being driven around the block just so I can go to sleep.

We have plenty of time to get to Charleston, so we won't be busting our ass, but I'm glad we're on the move again as I get very antsy being in one place for so long. That's the update for now, so I'll let you go. Really, I have to go because Ed is driving...

and I'm getting sleepy.

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Ms. Crawford said...

Glad to see that you guys are back on the road!! I have heard that sleep in a moving truck is some of the best, enjoy !!! :)