Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Pays To Blog About Life On The Road

As I sit watching American Idol, I am writing another post for my new little writing gig over at Life On The Road. I posted my first one last week which you can see by clicking on the Life On The Road link and then look for my name in the "Authors" column on the right, or you can just click here to go directly to my posts (of which there is only one at this point).

The site has many writers from all walks of trucking life who contribute to its posts. From the website itself: "Life On The Road brings you stories, thoughts, and opinions on everything from stories of a professional trucker, to analysis of the latest trucking legislation and everything in between. Our writers come from all over the country and from all kinds of backgrounds, brought together by a passion for trucks and the people who drive them."

So come on over and check us out. And be sure to comment if you feel inclined!

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MAE said...

...I am so proud and happy for you and your published writing gigs...continued good luck...

Lipstick Trucker said...

Well done!

GoGo said...

Who is paying you? And they are they paying you? International trucks sure does have a strange way of trying to promote their brand.

Such a stupid marketing campaign. Ask the people there why they don't just talk about and promote International? Its a F'ing joke. has been since day one. You might want to look a little deeper before you join that clan.

Wayne said...

It's not a marketing campaign for one, it's just a place International wanted for drivers written by other drivers. We don't talk about International because that's not our intent or the purpose of the website. Nothing covert or sneaky, check the About Us page. Salena was paid because I paid her.

The Daily Rant said...

Well, that settles that.

Thanks Wayne!

Ms. Crawford said...

I think it is so neat that you are such a blogging guru that you have "little writing gigs" Your Awesome Daily Rant!