Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Kind Of Festival

While in the Maritime Provinces, in addition to going to Cape Breton Island to drive the Cabot Trailer, we hope to get to Lobsterpalooza to find a little critter to dip in butter.

I know I'll be eating some Digby Scallops on Nova Scotia, and on Prince Edward Island, lobster is fished in May and June and from mid-August to October, so we'll be there just in time for a tasty delicacy from the sea!!

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Anonymous said...

This comment has absolutely nothing to do with lobster. I am here to thank you for sending Michelle at Bleeding Espresso a link to a Saveur cake recipe using e.v. olive oil and limoncello -- well, she used limoncello, and so did I, and so did my friend Jana in Southern California, and so will my friend the Goldfish in England, and --

Look what you started. :) Yum, and thanks.