Saturday, May 10, 2008

Who Is He Kidding?

This morning, Ed got back in the truck and informed me that the girl who waited on him at the Burger King had one ear.

When he placed his order, she said something to him about hashbrowns, but he didn't hear her because he wasn't paying attention and was about to say, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." but he thought that might be rude since she only had one ear, so he just said, "Sure, that's fine." She handed him his breakfast and he left. Who knows what she said to him, but he got what he ordered, so I guess there was no communication problem.

This prompted Ed to wonder out loud who was better off without ears, men or women. He thinks a woman with no ears wouldn't be too bad off since they do more talking than listening anyway and a guy without ears would be completely blessed because then all they'd have to do is nod their head every time someone's mouth moved; they wouldn't have to actually listen.

Right. As if they do anyway.


Anonymous said...

No ears = No way to hold up sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

...your guy is just too funny...aren't you lucky to always be entertained...MAE