Friday, May 23, 2008

Flame Sandwich

I bring you another Original Palm Sketch by Salena to celebrate Eddie's incredibly hot body.

That can be taken so many ways, can't it? But it's not what you think. Primarily, I'm talking about the fact that he's a human furnace.

The above sketch depicts what it's like to sleep in the truck with Ed; he throws off so much heat, I'm surprised he doesn't melt the fiberglass on the wall next to him. And when the enging is running, which is all the time since I need to have the air conditioning on, even in the winter, the heat coming off of those 475 horses is enough to make me think about how pleasant it would be to work at a glue factory, sending all 475 of them to the Elmer's bottle. I'm surprised I actually make it through the night without dumping a cup of ice down his boxers. The shrinkage would be wholly deserved.

In the event that Eddie and I sleep in a limited amount of clothing (which for me is almost always, since I hate to be hot) the chance of our skin fusing together if it should touch, is very high. Sometimes in my sleep, I will snuggle up against him and then wake violently in the night to realize that the entire right side of my body is stuck to his, from shoulder to hip.

I typically have to create a wall of sheets between his skin and mine to prevent this from happening.
Usually it's such a problem, and I do feel bad not wanting to be all lovey-dovey and touchy every minute, but I can't think of any other way to make it through the night. I mean, he'd come in handy if we slept in, I don't know, an Igloo. But we don't. that I think of it, we are heading up to Canada* this weekend and they've yet to see warm weather, so maybe he'll come in handy.
* If I don't post for a week or so, it will be either because I can't get on the internet where we'll be, I don't want to pay roaming internet rates on my air card, or I'm just plain lazy. I guess you'll find out more when I return. I hope you'll still be here.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, I give off to much heat in bed. All of my previous bedmates have complained about how hot I am.
Maybe that's an idea for a new invention, the refrigerated bed?

Terry said...

I wonder why that is..... I run a tad bit warm myself.....And NEVER get cold in the single digit winters of New England....