Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Body Temperature Of 98.6 - The Only Requirement To Work At McDonald's

This morning, while on Prince Edward Island, Ed went to McDonald's for breakfast. As most people know, you don't have to go far to find a McDonald's - even in other countries. Although, up here in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, you'll find McLobster on the menu.

I kid you not.

Anyhoo, since it was breakfast, Ed was ordering a sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin; but instead of an English Muffin, he wanted it on a bagel. No problem you'd think since they also serve another breakfast sandwich on a bagel, but the girl at the counter, when asked if they could put it on a bagel, said no.

"No? Why not?" he asked.

"Because we don't have the right egg for that bagel."

Ed and I looked at each other, sure that we didn't hear her correctly.

"The right egg?" I said.

"Yeah. We don't have the right egg for that bagel." she repeated.

It was clear that our confused I-can't-even-believe-you-said-that-with-a-straight-face look wasn't going to sway her and it was also clear that she wasn't going to accomodate him, even though they had another breakfast sandwich that was served on a bagel. So, we paid for our order, got our food, and left.

I guess she just couldn't make the jump to figuring out how to use one piece of bread in place of another.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like they've hired some 'rotten eggs' blahhhaaa! OMG, I need a nap.