Saturday, May 15, 2010

More "Holy Crap!" Than "Oh Dear"

This morning as I was enjoying the sun rising behind me, traveling west on I-80 in Ohio toward Toledo where we were to make our delivery, I had a little incident. I was listening to the morning news and as I scanned the road ahead, something caught my eye. At first, I didn't realize it was three-dimensional; I thought it was some sort of dirt spot in the road. I just saw a flash of brown.

But in that very same instant, I realized it was a deer and I knew I was going to hit it. I instinctively hit the brakes but it didn't do anything it seems except to make the deer stop and look my way. I gripped the wheel tighter and just held on until impact. Ed was sleeping but immediately woke up to ask, "What was that??"

"I just hit a deer." I said. You can see it happening here:

I just kept driving (sort of like when I was in trucking school and got hit by a dump truck) since there really wasn't a safe place to pull over. The shoulder was an option, but since I didn't see the deer on the road anywhere and there was no traffic, I kept going until I came to the rest area; I had seen a sign for it and knew it was only a few miles up the road. I didn't hear anything wonky with the truck, my steering was okay and no one was hurt.

I guess Eddie's video system finally payed off. We know exactly the time the accident happened thanks to the timestamp. Once we got to the rest area, we called the police to come out to file an incident report for the insurance company. Here's me trying to escape from the back of the police car:

Once the report was done, we were back on the road and believe it or not, made our delivery on time!

I was very surprised at how much damage was done to the bumper of the truck. I am glad it didn't do any damage to the fiberglass of the hood since we just had that fixed, but I can't believe how bent the bumper got. The fog light was completely destroyed and the bumper was bent so far back that it was a mere 1/2" away from the steer tire. I could've had a blowout!

Check out more pictures

I've always worried about hitting a deer (and a moose, and a donkey, and a cow...), my biggest concern being that it would "hop" the hood and come flying at the window. I've never hit a deer in my life, even when I lived in the rural backwoods of upstate New York. It was actually less scary than I thought it would be. I hope this doesn't mean that I'm going to become a deer magnet.

If so, I'll have to paint a little deer icon on the side of the truck and make hash marks next to it.

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Gil said...

Sorry you had to go through this. You were definitely better off hitting a deer with your truck than you would have been if you hit one with you car in NY! Love the idea of painting the deer and hash marks.

Angela said...

I am sorry for your bumper. But I have to say at least you got to show some evidence of your first deer murder. I hit one in CT last year but it didn't do anything to my truck or even leave a blood smear or fur tuft behind. I was disappointed to not have any proof of my first murder. Hehe

Anonymous said...

I hate deer...they are pretty and beautiful and serene...until they get depressed then they could care less WHO they kill themselves with. Glad you are OK.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

First let me say I'm glad you all are ok. Secondly...First you get a deer and now I see that Ruthann got a turkey. Between the two of you, we could cook up one heck of a meal. Venison steaks and roasted turkey. Both would be nicely tenderized.

Dave Sanderson said...

It was a little hard seeing what happened in your vedio,but now I know you have it running and paid for itself already what a deal.Now don't start making a income savings off it every month. Watching the vedio I'd say you should be proud of yourself for not panicing running off into ditches and stuff to avoid hitting Bambie.That is how so many wreck their truck. On the big positive side of this bumpers are relatively cheaper than any other truck part and you didn't toss Ed from the bed. Your blog is hard to miss ( I haven't since I started reading it couple years now). thanks.

Ms. Crawford said...

I must have watched this 20 times on Sunday. That deer was aiming for you. I LOVE how you just kept driving. Then I read your post about the dumb truck during your training. That was crazy. I love you in the cop car. Why where you in there? I am sorry about your bumper though. Thank goodness it didn't hit where you guys just had fix. Now you'll have to fix the bumper huh? What a pain.

Ok, Ok, So the best part of this whole thing... "If you become a deer magnet you'll just have to paint a little deer icon on the truck and make hash marks next to it." I literally about died laughing when I read that. You're too much!! Even a situation that I am sure was scary and some people would have been really pissed about, you make it great blogging material and funny! You're my hero!

all things bradbury said...

so sorry about the deer....what a pia right after being in the shop and getting all fixed up!...just glad that no more damage was done than what was and that it was a clean hit.....i'm really impressed about how well you handled it and so happy that neither you nor ed were hurt!....wasn't tryin to one-up ya with the sure wasn't my idea!....

Unknown said...

Hey, the tire guys with the "Smile your on camera" called to say "Glad your okay!"