Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Eight Takes The Cake

Today is my 8th birthday.

Blog birthday, that is.

Can you believe it?  I've never done anything for eight years. Well, except complain. I've been doing that for about 40 years. 

But almost everything else, hasn't made it this far.  Other than when I was a child, and the choices weren't mine, here are a few things that haven't lasted more than eight years:  

I've never had a job at the same place for eight years.

I've never had a boyfriend for eight years before Ed.  

I've never owned the same car for eight years.

I've never had a hobby that I continually practiced for eight years.

I've never owned a pet for eight years.

I've never lived in the same house, uninterrupted, for eight years.

I've never had the same hairstyle for eight years.

This may sound like a list of regrets.  It's not.  I've never really been one to want to do the same thing year after year.  I look at people who've been at the same job for fifteen, twenty or thirty years and think, really??  You've worked there for thirty years??  I couldn't even imagine that.

Of those who haven't changed their hair since high school?  What?  You're still rockin' the crunchy perm, the mullet, or the Dorothy Hamill?

Other stuff it isn't so bad if it's done long term.  If you have a good relationship, it's nice to be with someone for a long time.  If you have a hobby that makes you happy, I say do it every single day.  If you've lived in the same neighborhood or family home for years, awesome - that's actually something I like hearing about - someone who lives in the same town and has kept ties to it.  I don't think you should insulate yourself and never get out of that town, but having ties or being in the same area is kinda cool.

But this daily writing thing, even if it's just a photo or story about my mother or complaint about the Arizona heat or trucking story, it's not easy.  And I've got this thing, like a golf game, to challenge myself to absolutely write something on this blog every day.  I probably should have thought of that when I named it The Daily Rant, but I didn't.

And I may be biased, but I'm going to say it anyway...

Reading this blog is a helluva lot more fun than watching someone play golf. 

Trust me, I've watched golf. 

I think.  I may have fallen asleep.

Whatever...you know what I mean.  Go, read!  You've got seven years of archives to delve into.

Start here.

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