Thursday, May 16, 2013

Escape From Texas

Today marks two full weeks in Houston.  And we're finally gettin' out!  The weather has been surprisingly nice, not too hot, and after buying the bikes we were able to get some riding in and I finished up with the bike bags. 

Here's a small sampling of the buttonhole I made for the straps, which are going to secure it to the wheel and then the underside of the trailer:

I will post more pictures of the bike bags when I get a chance to photograph them on the truck.  We'll be taking the bikes out at our next stop, so I'll try to remember.

We have a team run that's taking us west, and another after that that'll send us back east.  Finally.  I briefly mentioned in a past post that we're going to Montreal in June with our friends Marlaina and Greg.  Greg is a huge Formula One racing fan and the boys (Greg, his brother, and Ed) are going to the Montreal Grand Prix

Marlaina and I have other plans.  I bought some new clothes, I have a tentative menu planned for the week, Marlaina and I have hair appointments that she made for us, and we'll be doing stuff like shopping, lunch at cafes, maybe a spa day, and working on the book project we've been talking about.  She even has a sewing project lined up for me.  Anything but car racing.

Next stop, the high desert of the Colorado Plateau.

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Gil said...

F1 is not car racing as you know it. I bet you can spend the day at the race just absorbing the sights.