Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mine Is Easy To Spot

Ed and I had an argument this morning - I don't even know about what - but it ceased to die down apparently because I wouldn't shut my mouth.  Uhhh, hellooooo, does he NOT know me after nine years??  As a result, he decided to go into Home Depot to do some shopping.  He needed space.

Fast forward an hour.  He came back to the truck with the bag of stuff he bought at Home Depot, deposited it up front on the floor of the cab, shut the door and left again without a word.  Apparently he needed more space.  I get it, I'm annoying.  (That's an understatement.)

I took a shower, worked on my next article, watched some TV, made cupcakes, talked to my Mom.  Still no Ed.  So I called him.  No answer. 

Made a cup of tea, started catching up on blog posts, called a friend, called Ed again.  He answered this time.  

"Where are you?" I said.

"At the mall."

"There's a mall??  Where?"  I said.  We were parked at the Home Depot and I hadn't seen a mall nearby. 

"Across the street."

"Oh.  Well, what are you doing?"  I said.

"Well, I went to Home Depot, then I walked over to Target, now I'm in the mall at the sports store."  he said.

"Oh, okay." I said.  "I'll talk to you later then."  We hung up.

Turns out the mall "across the street" was two miles away.  He walked two miles to the mall.  What the fuck??  Was he trying to escape? 

Less than an hour later I heard a knock on the back door of the truck. 

Of course I didn't open it because I had no idea who it was since Ed was at the mall.  And even if it were him, he usually comes in the front door.  "Who is it?"  No answer.  I asked again, louder.  No answer again.  Then I heard "our" whistle. 

I opened the door and Ed was standing there with a bike.

"You bought a bike???" I said.

"Yeah, for you." 

"Me?  Really?"  We'd been looking at bikes for quite some time but I didn't expect he'd come back with one.  Was this a peace offering?  Could be - Ed is great when it comes to gifts and surprises - he's fairly unpredictable that way.

"C'mon out and try it." he said.

So I got dressed and went outside. 

And I rode a bike. 

After making some adjustments, riding some more, fixing the seat, the handlebars, the brakes, I took it around the parking lot like a pro.  I'm pretty sure I looked ridiculous.   

"But what about you?" I said.  "What are you going to do when I ride, jog next to me?  You have to get one too."

There was a discussion about how we'd get back to the mall to get the other bike.  I was not walking two miles.  We couldn't take the truck because Ed was backing up my computer and moving the truck would screw up the delicate connection between my laptop and the external hard drive.  And, there wasn't really parking over there anyway. 

While all of this was being discussed, I got a phonecall from a friend who was going to teach me how to do some computer stuff.  Ed didn't want to wait for me to finish my phonecall, so he texted from outside saying "I am leaving." 

I couldn't convince him to stay, so he took off on the bike.  An hour later, there was another knock at the door.  I opened it and there's Ed again, this time with TWO bikes.  He bought the second one and rode all the way back holding the handlebars, rolling it beside him.

We rode our new bikes to dinner and back.  The weather was nice and cool and I survived the ride. 

My bike is the one on the right, the one with the slightly wider seat to fit my slightly wider ass.

Isn't Ed a gem?  He thought of everything.

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MAE said...

Your Eddie is the best gift-giver-guy I know...actions speak louder than words, so in bike talk that must mean I'm you both.

DLG said...

How wonderful!! I want one but can't seem to balance, though I used to have one. I rode it nearly every evening when the neighborhood kids got on theirs after school. Enjoy!!

Gil said...

Ladies bike come with a wider seat for comfort. The big difference is no bar on ladies bikes so skirts and dress don't ride up to and above their panties!!!!!

all things bradbury said...

awesome!!....and i just happen to know a basket weaver who could possibly be coerced into making you a basket for it if you choose to go that route!....that eddie...he's sumpthin!!!

The Daily Rant said...

MAE: Isn't he? He's got this unique ability to go out and come back with a surprise. I'm hoping the next surprise is a little baby kitty! :)

DLG: It feels a little weird to be on a bike again, but also a bit exhilarating. I'm a little wiggly when I start out, but then it evens out. I hope to get better at it.

GIL: This bike had a regular seat, but Ed bought me a wide one - they call it a "saddle seat". I like it.

BRADBURYS: I DO know a basket weaver and I totally might take you up on it. That's the first thing I said - I need a basket! Let's see how it goes first. I need to make sure I'm going to stick with it. Otherwise, some kid somewhere in the US is going to get a new bike. LOL