Saturday, May 27, 2006

Can Someone Define Their Purpose??

Today my friend and I decided we were going to go to spend the day at the pool of a friend. We had a few things to run around and do before that could happen and spent the better part of the morning running around getting it done.

We hit Big Lots for pool toys, Kroger for lunch items and snacks and Target for a new bathing suit and magazines. We were ready for some poolside fun!

By the time we got home, the kids were ready to jump out of their skin they were so excited about the first day of the pool season, but her husband wanted to know where his bathing suit was. WTF??

He had almost TWO hours while we were gone to find it. In the meantime, we packed the lunches, iced up the cooler and filled it with beverages, found our suits, got towels for everyone, filled up an iced tea pitcher, unwrapped and re-fitted the new swim goggles for the kids and then hauled everything into the car to go.

On the way out to the car, as WE carried the cooler and everything else we needed to take with us, I said to her, "What the hell do we need them for? Shit. We can go to the toy store to take care of our needs, work to make our own money, take care of kids and do every other God damned thing without them. Really. What the fuck use are they??"

Needless to say, men weren't high on my list of anything yesterday. And it's not looking like tomorrow is going to be any better.

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