Thursday, May 11, 2006

Free As A Bird?

Today when I got home from trucking school, I was informed by my friend Vicki that the kids had painted their bird houses today. I had no idea there was even any remodeling going on, but apparently, they had been hard at work. Her husband had made them the night before and today, the kids painted them in the colors of their choice.

When asked who they were for, Michael piped up and said "Mine if for you, Mommy. For Mother's Day. " and then Mina said, "Well, mine is for Miss Salena because she's Mommy's best friend." Boy, I scored, huh? I'm getting a Mother's Day gift and I didn't even have to push a piano through a transom window.

Upon further investigation, as I examined the colors Mina chose to paint hers; yellow and green stripes on one side and blue, green and yellow on the other, I commended her on her skillful application of paint and how the beauty of her house would surely lure birds far and wide. Based on the colors she used, it was likely to attract all the Puerto Rican birds, but that's okay. It's either going to be them or the colorblind ones.

Michael, not wanting to be left out, squeezed in to get a little praise for the colors he used also. Apparently, he was trying for the conservative birds coming to his house because his colors weren't quite as wild and he even missed painting the back side; something that was quickly corrected once he noticed that Mina covered every surface with color.

So in the process of our birdhouse inspection, Vicki and I realized that although the birds might actually come to the houses, the hole in the front was so small, the likliehood of them getting stuck in it was high. We laughed at the image of the bird flying in, getting his head stuck in the hole and then trying to fly off or escape with a house decorated like a pinata attached to its neck.

It was at that moment that it dawned on us that they had not only built and decorated what we thought was a bird house, but that they had actually made two very beautiful, very colorful, very small bird traps.

Free as a bird, my ass.

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divacowgirl said...

Just found you while randomly perusing blogs. I was excited to see an entry in English and by someone near my age. Whew...I thought I was alone here. Anyways, just wanted to say.