Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yesterday's Score

So yesterday's thrift store adventure was a success.  For $36 dollars, I walked away with several items to add to my decor.

My best find were three Pottery Barn decorative throw pillows.  Like new.  Great fabric. Hidden zipper.  Modern color.  Spotless.  They were $2.50 each.  If you know anything about Pottery Barn pillows, you know they're not cheap.

I also got six hardcover books which I'll detail in tomorrow's post.  I'm totally thrilled.

And I seriously had my eye on those persimmon colored couches.  If I had my decor plan a little more pulled together, those babies would have gone home with me.

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Marlaina said...

Get the sofas and chair. LOVELY. And if you get a new sofa, recycle this one

The Daily Rant said...

MARLAINA: I did really like them but they don't go with my budding color palette.