Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wreck Me

Christina Grimmie was one of my favorite contestants on The Voice, and now she's gone.

She died today.  She was only 22 years old.

Some guy (unidentified at this point) walked up to her last night and shot her while she was signing autographs and selling merchandise after a concert in Orlando, Florida.  Her brother tackled the shooter, but then the guy shot himself.  That's the only good news here.

She probably isn't known to anyone outside of the TV show's fans - well, and her hundreds of thousands of YouTube fans - but she was truly amazing.

Her audition video is above - hover over the colored ad boxes and click the x's to remove them.

Her voice was outstanding and her stage presence and energy was infectious.  When I got the news alert on my phone, I felt shock.

I can't even imagine what her family is going through.  Another senseless gun death.  Another life taken way too soon.

Seriously, people, what is it going to take for this shit to stop??

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