Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cough Cocktail

First day back in town and this is how I went to sleep...medicated. 

A cough/hack/sore throat crept up on me and reared the ugliest version of its head yesterday.  

This treatment was the only way I knew I'd get two,  maybe three, hours of solid sleep.

We can't have any of this stuff in the truck because it has alcohol in it - I'm not sure who's getting buzzed on NyQuil, but apparently the DOT thinks it's serious enough to write into an actual regulation - but once I'm home, it's NyQuil shots for everyone!

Thankfully, I was feeling fine until the last leg of the run when the cough started.  I knew something was up when I started to feel a tickle.  It went into full-on hack mode once I got home.  I'm pretty sure Ed thinks he's living in a nursing home.

A weekend of fluids and rest should do the trick.  I think I'm on the path to wellness, because yesterday I drank enough tea to keep up with Mick and Ali.

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Marlaina said...

Onions and honey make a great cough syrup.