Friday, June 12, 2015

7 Great Travel Related Magazines

The magazine of Maine.  There's so much to do and see in Maine but people sort of forget about it way up there.  There's no reason to go there unless you actually have to go there.  It's not a place you'll be "passing through" on the way to somewhere else.  I drool when I read Down East because I want to go to the places profiled on every page.  Founded in 1954, the magazine covers politics, business, food, fashion, and of course the lifestyle in the state of Maine.  See it here:  Down East Magazine

The only travel magazine that is written and designed specifically for people who are 50 and older.  It serves "a more thoughtful traveler who demands quality, value, and an enriching travel experience".  That's me.  And, I'm only three years away from 50.  I'm doing research.  See it here:  Travel 50 & Beyond

I've been reading this magazine for over 20 years.  Initially, I thought I'd move overseas to teach English as a second language.  Then I thought I'd become an international air courier.  Then I figured I'd just close my eyes and pick a spot on the map of Italy.  Obviously, none of that panned out.  Now I read it to look at places I can go on vacation, or maybe to retire in 20 years.  It's very informative.  See it here:  International Living

A magazine dedicated to life in Rhode Island and Southeaster Massachusetts.  See it here:  Rhode Island Monthly

Because I think I'm going to transition from truck driving to RV driving someday.  I want to be prepared.  Plus, a lot of the information in the RV magazines (all of them) are very helpful to truckers.  We're all big and need about the same space to maneuver.  Where they go, I go.  See it here:  Motorhome Monthly

Not because I ski, but because this magazine is a guide to the best ski resorts worldwide.  And where there's skiing, there's snow.  Oh yeah, and it's got stuff about ski gear, lift ticket deals, skiing videos, how-to guides, and other ski-related mumbo jumbo.  See it here:  Ski Magazine

Let's not forget about the middle of the country.  This magazine covers the best of the heartland.  See it here:  Midwest Living

Some of these magazines, especially the regional ones, are not available all over the country.  You can subscribe to them of course, but you may not find them in your local bookstore.  Because I travel through all the states, whenever I see a regional or very specific city-related magazine, I always read it.  I like to see what's going on in the area and attractions or locations I might not want to miss.  

Had I know I was going to be here so long, I would have looked into Arkansas Life magazine last week! 

Tomorrow, some of my favorite food magazines.

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