Monday, June 15, 2015

I Have Turned Into My Mother

My mother has notes and reminders taped up all over the place.  Her channel listing is taped to the back of the remote control, her phone number is taped to the back of her phone, her kids' numbers are taped to the border of her computer screen.

Because we have over 500 TV channels in the truck, I can never remember where the stuff I like to watch is.  So I just created a small list of my most-watched channels.

Then I taped it to my laptop computer.

I have become my mother.  Next, I'll be painting the buttons on the remote control with Wite-Out and brightly colored nail polish.

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1 comment:

Belledog said...

Your mom's got some smart tips, actually.

As long as we don't find you threading orange peel strips into your electronics ...