Saturday, June 13, 2015

Five Fabulous Foodie Finds

There are seriously too many food magazines to choose from, but I'm going to try.  These are some of my favorites.  Not likely the ones you'll see at the checkout counter, and in some cases you might have to search the Barnes & Noble rack for them.  But they're worth it.  Here are five of my favorites.

Donna Hay is an Australian food stylist, author, and magazine editor.  This is her bi-monthly magazine.  I rarely ever buy it, but I read it every time I'm at a Barnes & Noble.  Both the magazine and her cookbooks are known for their beautiful food photography.  That alone is worth the look.  See it here:  Donna Hay Magazine

This is not your typical glossy cooking magazine.  Usually the only color photo is the cover photo, and maybe one or two inside, but it's mostly black and white.  The recipes are flawlessly tested, and they always provide specific cooking instruction and priceless advice.  See it here:  Cook's Illustrated

Food and travel.  And food.  Mouthwatering food.  They often have issues dedicated to types of food, cuisine, preparation techniques, and specific cities.  See it here:  Saveur

A Canadian women's magazine - the number one magazine in Canada in paid circulation - is published in English and French.  They cover most of the typical women's magazine topics, but they've in addition to all that, they've got some great recipes.  See it here:  Chatelaine 

Who said healthy doesn't taste good?  My friend Vicki has been getting this magazines for years and has made tons of amazing dishes from the recipes within its pages.  Old favorites, new concoctions, desserts, tacos, seafood, soups, etc.  The food is so amazing, you'll never guess it's "light".  See it here:  Cooking Light

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Unknown said...

I have always loved Cook's Illustrated and highly recommend it also. I also had a subscription to Cooking Light for about 3 years and enjoyed it very much. Have not found any new cooking periodicals recently, but like you, I am always looking. Thanks for posting your faves.