Monday, June 01, 2015

The Cat's Life

I'm starting off the month with another adorable photo of Maisy.  This is her formal portrait.  I'm not going to get all cat-lady crazy on you and post tons of cat pictures, but she's about the cutest thing happening while we're home.

We've been home nine days and don't really have much to do this visit, although Ed did get some stuff done on the truck - we got a new radiator, and the air conditioning went while we were here too, so he got that done.  We had met up with friend for lunch and dinners out, spent some time with my brother, and tried to stay out of the three-digit heat.  We're essentially living the cat's life...eating and sleeping.  TWe'll get back to work by the end of the week.

And if I'm extra sneaky, I might just be hitting the road with kitten in tow.

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mick said...

she has a very intelligent, enquiring look about her. And the way she curls her tail around! Gorgeous

Gil said...

Beautiful kitten. I hope that your mother has good luck with her.