Sunday, May 31, 2015

Music = Sheer Joy

My face hurts from smiling. 

I can't even tell you how much time I spent today watching The Voice UK audition videos on YouTube.  Music makes me so happy and I'm so insanely amazed by all the people out there who have such incredible talent.  If you have some time, want to know what I like, and want to maybe smile a bit yourself, click on through:

There Are Worse Things I Could Do.  This performance is not one of them.

One of my favorite songs, Hold On, We're Going Home.

This 17-year-old little Irish lass does a wonderful job with Love You I Do.

This guy is a firefighter and he's amaaaaazing. singing All I Want.  God, it's so wonderful.  And Rita Ora, swooning over him, is adorable.

The first time I heard this song on was when Paul Potts did it on Britain's Got Talent.  He made me love it.  But this guy sings it beautifully.  Who knew this kind of talent was lurking among the produce?

Mitch Miller, a singing waiter, puts a real twist on this and gets Fancy.

19-year-old Vikesh Champaneri takes on Adele's Hometown Glory.
Cleo Higgins does Beyonce's Love On Top.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  THIS is my kind of joint.  I could listen to this every day.  I'm thinking she might've even shown Beyonce up on her own song. Cleo completely knocked my socks off. 

Thinking Out Loud with Jake Shakeshaft.  He's so sweet.  I love that his Dad is singing along.

This 16-year-old single mother from Wales does Right To Be Wrong. Nothing about this performance is wrong.

Emmanuel Nwamadi does Sade's song, The Sweetest Taboo.  It's slow, soulful, and sort of Indie.  

If I Go, I want it to be with this girl singing.

And if you're not ready to stop, here's a clip with the best auditions of The Voice UK for 2015.

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