Saturday, May 09, 2015

Tower Of Sheer Evil

Passing through Dallas this week, I was reminded of the worst day of my life when I saw the Superman ride at Six Flags.

Never again.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you were in Dallas! I always look out for you or at least other trucks and compare them to yours. I tell my husband all the time, that one is big enough for a bed based on the size of 'your back'.

I had to re-read your visit to SFOT - hilarious and the fact you went in AUGUST - the heat alone would be pain. You must have really loved Ed. Especially the description of the Giant, which is SO true!!! I am sure you heard about the lady who died a few years ago after she fell off.

Passing through is all your are going to want to do soon with this heat coming and it being tornado season.

Safe travels!

Your NA friend :)

The Daily Rant said...

NA FRIEND: How funny that you look out for our truck! If you see us, make sure to flag us down - just don't sneak up on Ed, he's not keen on that. LOL

Can you believe Ed took me to SFOT in August?? I mean, it's not like he didn't know about my aversion to heat. And if there's one thing Texans know about Dallas, is that in August, it's like being in the fiery depths of hell.

I did not hear about the lady dying on the Giant. Doesn't surprise me one bit. That thing is insane.

We actually ran into tornado weather in Texarkana...we were outrunning the wind and rain and were THISCLOSE to being sucked up into the vortex. I like crazy weather, but I'm not into twisters. :)

Gil said...

Nice picture. I'm too chicken for large roller coasters. Wouldn't even try the one at Coney Island!