Wednesday, May 06, 2015


This photo was taken with my iPhone.  I keep it in the dash mount holder, which works out great because it's got a beanbag base which means I can move it anywhere.  I've been messing around with the time-lapse video option and thought I'd be able to get the sun rising in the same way.  It didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted, so I just snapped a photo.

But, by using the volume control on my ear-bud cord, I can snap photos without having to touch the phone at all.  Which I like, because it doesn't add any additional shake to it.  Of course, the truck is moving all this while so the photo isn't entirely crystal clear, but in this one I like the glow of reddish-orange on the horizon.

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Gil said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I bet that you can put together a nice book of your beautiful photos.