Sunday, June 07, 2015

Fine Southern Cuisine

Mac & Cheese and SPAM.  In bulk.  Welcome to the South.

Ed's eyes lit up when he saw this expansive display.  I had to steer him to another aisle.

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Gil said...

Good old Spam. My wife likes to fry some up every now and then. I bet I haven't had a bite of it in 50 years.

Ed's Mom said...

Shame! That's like taking candy away from a baby!

Belledog said...

Have you ever eaten Spam? I am not sure that I have ....

When I think "Spam in a Can" I think "astronauts!" (Is that something Tom Wolfe told us in The Right Stuff?)

Ed said...

Memories of childhood. Spam, macaroni and cheese. MMM MMM Good.

MAE said...

i must have lived in space because never did I hear or know of Spam when I was growing up in the Bronx. All my current friends rave about it and I've yet made myself taste it. Can't believe it could be good. My ancestors are turning over in their graves, lol.

Belledog said...

MAE: If your current friends are raving about it -- and I believe it, maybe Spam has become retro chic -- how do they serve it?

Noted re ED with Spam and mac and cheese, and that sounds pretty good. Maybe with some greens too.

Gil said...

I agree with Mae. We hounded our parents into buying canned macaroni, like Chef Boyardee. My father finally bought it. My mom cooked it and the four of us refused the garbage that was so heavily advertised. Out came the 'wooden spoon' and my mother stood over us until we were done. No more fake Italian food at our house...