Thursday, June 09, 2016

People Who Live In Glass Houses Can Safely Click Links

Philip Johnson's Glass House
I need a hobby now that I'm home all the time.  I was thinking of taking up quilting, but then I'd have to add cross-stitching.  I'm not 90 yet.

These recipes make going vegan look like an actual dietary option.

The Holy Trinity of Flavor.  Amen.

Sweet Potato Toast?  Hell, yeah.

I need houseplants that don't need light.  Here they are

These women really knew how to make an entrance on their most important day.

Mountain cabins and lodges in Europe.  This is where I need to take a vacation.  

Bon App├ętit seems to have caught on to Ed's way of making coffee

More vegan recipes - this time they're in a crockpot.

Philip Johnson built an iconic house.  You can see through it.  

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We've Got A $3 Million Dollar View, Too.

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Mick said...

As usual, I've clicked ALL those links. How do you do it?


The Daily Rant said...

MICK: I'm glad someone is clicking those links to see the things that I find interesting. Ed is getting tired of me saying, "You know what I read?" and then telling him all about the latest article or recipe or story I found online. So now I just save up the links and share them with strangers. Well, except you. You're not a stranger. :) Thanks for commenting! Hope all is well on your side of the pond.