Monday, June 09, 2014

Stripes On Ice

Fresh-ish fish at Wegmans.  I say fresh-ish, because they're whole and on ice, as if they came right from the ship.  But who knows how long this fish has been traveling on ice before it laid to rest here, in the fish aisle?

We bought a lot of fish in Wegmans - Atlantic cod, scallops, shrimp, and halibut - both nothing whole, like in the photo.  I like my stuff cleaned up and prepped for me.  I've never made a whole fish, and I'm not experimenting in the truck.  We're kind of on a healthy-ish kick.  I say healthy-ish because in addition to a lot of salad, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables, I've snuck in a few blueberry muffins.  And lattes.

Baby steps.  One little fishy at a time.

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Gil said...

You usually cook a whole fish they way it is. You can bake and or broil them. Add a can of tomatoes and spices. The chances are that a whole fish is just as fresh, if not fresher, than the cleaned and fillets you have been buying. They are gutted.