Monday, June 27, 2016

Our Neck Of The Woods

I LOVE the Images of America books.  I have several from the areas I've lived in New York and I pick them up and flip through whenever I find one in a place I'm interested in.  They always have great photos, and a lot of historical information.

This one covers the area we live in.

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Power On The Potomac
2014: Ma And Pa Kettle Lived Here
2013: "License, Registration and Insurance Card, Please"
2012: Welcome To Hell
2011: When She Passes Each One She Passes Goes Ahhhh
2010: The Key To Being Funny
2009: Wishes Really Do Come True
2008: Eddie Plays It Safe Friday
2007: What Road?
2006: I’m STILL Looking To Get Me Some Good BBQ
2005: Say Cheese!!

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Denis said...

Fully agree with you, this is a very interesting and educational books, and I also have a few of this series.