Thursday, March 01, 2018

Forty-Seven Years Later, I Stood In Her Hood

I've been scanning old photos when I'm home, to make a digital copy for, I don't know, the future generation I guess.  I came across this one of my mother standing in the driveway of the house where she grew up in the Bronx. 

The photo of her was taken in August 1959, she was 17 years old.  The photo on the left was taken by me, in April 2006, a few months after my father died when I was in New York handling all of his affairs.

My mother's grandfather owned the six-family building they lived in, and her parents and three sisters occupied the bottom floor.   I think the window near her right elbow is the one on the top left of my photo because the other two together are too far off the ground.  But, the brick lintle on the window in her photo is curved and the ones in my photo are straight.  I'm thinking they might have been replaced between 1959 and 2006, changing the top of the window. 

My mother and her sisters used to climb out of the window in the kitchen rather than going in and out of the door.  I think they used the first single low window, directly under the fire escape.

I'm so glad my grandfather was into photography and preserved these moments for me.  Someday I'll pass them on.

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Love your Mom at 17!