Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Checking Every Nook And Cranny

I've been doing a writing assignment this week which includes information about doing a required daily pre-trip inspection on your equipment.  It got me thinking about what I learned in trucking school and how the teacher drilled the information into our heads by using constant repetition.  The more we studied and said the steps in the order they were to be performed, the easier it was to remember how to do the pre-trip.  I passed that exam with flying colors.

This is the document I got when in trucking school.  I still reference it today, keeping it in the binder containing our pertinent daily load information and other documents we need to access quickly.

While doing some Googling, I found some really excellent information about pre-trips on this website.  They even have a complete pre-trip inspection study guide that includes all the steps with accompanying photos.  A great visual for people getting familiar with new equipment. 

If you're a new driver and need pre-trip information, all of these documents will help you get through your tests and provide a good reference for the future. 

Check it out before you start checking things out!

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