Wednesday, July 18, 2018

To Be A Kid Again

My mother is an artist.  She started with pen and ink drawings, then moved on to oils, then finally settled on watercolors, which became her preferred medium for creating.  She's made some pretty wonderful pictures over the years, selling some at art fairs, giving others as gifts, and hanging her favorites in her home.

But now, at seventy-five years old, she likes to color.  She has more coloring books now than I've ever owned at any one time as a kid.  She started with colored pencils but now she prefers markers.  She typically does it to keep her busy while watching TV - ummm, when I'm watching TV I stay busy by well, watching the TV.  And checking Twitter.  She often sends me pictures of the ones she's working on or has completed.

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that adult coloring has been a thing for a while now.  It's been said to have a number of mental health benefits.  They have MeetUp groups and coffee klatsches where people 
get together to socialize, gossip, and color.  Sounds kinda fun to me.

If you're interested, here's a post that showcases The 21 Best Adult Coloring Books. Find something you like and get in on the latest craze!

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Light Traffic

2016: Stop Taking Pictures Of Me
2015: Sooners Have Always Been Takers
2014: The Original Walking Dead
2013: Hey! It's A Million Degrees Outside. Wanna Help Me Move?
2012: Kind Of Like A Virtual Celebrity Bodyguard
2011: Things Are Going Just Swimmingly
2010: A Real Truck Driver Meets A Real Housewife
2009: Stars Glowing, Wine Flowing, Sax Blowing
2008: Western Ed Friday
2007: Salena Kandinsky
2006: Bam! Traumatized.
2005: Swing Low Sweet Chariot


Mommy said...

I loved reading this post. Thank you. Your Mother oxox

Maria said...

I too loved reading this post, Salena! Thank you!
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