Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Parade Of Light For The Year Of The Pig

Last weekend, Ed and I took part in the Parade of Lanterns in San Antonio, Texas.

The press release for the event reads:

"The Chinese New Year tradition of observing a parade of lanterns dates back to 221-207 BC. The Parade of 
Lanterns event on The San Antonio River Walk will carry on the tradition by featuring ten enchanting boats carrying large illuminated lanterns, each featuring different scenery.

The breathtaking display will float 
throughout the 2½ mile downtown stretch of the River Walk. This free event runs nightly from February 9 to February 23, 2019, from 7:00-9:00 p.m."
"Each Chinese New Year celebrates one of twelve animals representing a different Chinese zodiac sign. 2019, the Year of the Pig, is one of the twelve animals. The pig is lucky and connotes carefree fun, good fortune, and wealth while displaying energy and enthusiasm. Many of these characteristics reflect the makeup of the River Walk and experiences encountered when visiting.

Each float will feature lanterns ranging from three to seven feet in length or height. Themes include a Texas setting complete with cactus and a longhorn, pandas surrounded by luminescent trees, a dragon that looks as if it were gliding on water, and more. This year the event will unveil four new themed floats." 

Asian-inspired music wafted softly through the air, as paper lanterns hanging from the bridges gently swayed above the river.

The San Antonio River Walk Association, who organized the event, were selling square lanterns and lotus flowers, each with its own battery-operated votive candle.  They had decorating stations set up along the River Walk for people to put messages on their lanterns before they launched them into the river.  There were couples, children, families, and groups of friends writing messages for loved ones, wishes for themselves and others, and sending them off into the night.

Ed and I bought and launched a lotus flower.  We watched it drift toward the illuminated group of lanterns and move wherever the current took it.  Eventually, we lost track of where it went and just took in the beauty of the colors floating by.

There's still time for you to catch it.  If you're in the area, go see it!

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