Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Decision Time

Ed is still putting together all the components for our new truck order, but this week we've been talking about colors.  We can choose anything we want.

That strikes fear in my heart.

When faced with so many color and design choices, I freeze.  

To get some ideas, we went to Hi-Speed Rods and Customs here in Tucson.  We talked to two of the owners, to try and get some direction and suggestions.  They were very generous with their time and gave us some ideas and names of people who work with semi trucks.

We were told that most of the big designs on the semi trucks are wraps and since they're designed on the computer then printed out, the possibilities are endless.

We're not really looking for flames - like the ones on the beautiful cars in their shop, seen in the photo above - but rather something really unique, different from what we've seen on other trucks we've come across in truck shows and online.  

We still have time to decide, and narrowing down options is going to be the biggest hurdle for me.

I'd really rather have someone say, "This one or this one?"

I'm good at pointing at what I want.

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