Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Cashing In On Chips Before Even Playing Them

I recently saved a few dollars. Not with coupons or anything, but just because my default position is "no".

After we delivered our load in California, Ed wanted to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. There were a few concerts he thought we could go see.  

One of them was Adele.

Now, I love Adele.  But the only tickets available were $1,000.00 each.  EACH! 

There was no way I could justify paying $1,000.00 to see her.  I like her, but I'm not a thousand-dollar-a-concert kind of fan.

Instead, we deadheaded home.  Sure, that was fuel money out of our pocket but it cost waaaay less than Adele, gambling, dinner, hotel room, etc.

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