Tuesday, May 07, 2024

You Look Delicious

I took this photo from my living room, and even though he was starting intently, I wasn't too worried about being a coyote snack. I love seeing them in our yard.  They usually come through twice a day - one to five coyotes saunter across the driveway and into our front yard.  Often they stop at the birdbath, sometimes taking a sip, but then quickly move on.  

At night, we can hear them screaming in the backyard, probably a larger pack at that point since they're so loud.  They're skittish and never approach where they think people may be.  Even movement from inside the house if I'm standing at the window can startle them and cause them to quickly retreat.  We don't have any pets or children to worry about so they don't cause us any concern.

See you tomorrow!

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