Friday, August 24, 2007

Sweatin' Eddie Friday

I have no picture of Eddie today, but I do have lots of praise for my hardworking man!

We're in Phoenix right now, and second to Yuma, it's a place you never, ever want to visit. Actually, I am inclined to rule out the entire Southwest; unless you visit between October and February. There are a few months that are bearable, but the mercury starts to rise once March comes rolling in, and it's all up on the temperature guage from there.

I'm not very fond of the winter months either, to be honest, but I'm giving those of you who have a desire to visit a time frame in which you are not likely to spontaneously combust or spend a good part of your vacation in the hospital. If you want to spend Thanksgiving in shorts and a tank top, come on out! Personally, I like my "autumn" and "winter" holidays to actually FEEL that way; which explains why I don't visit here very often.

Usually I will say, "Oh, we had a load to pick up here or there." or "We just got done unloading the truck." and by we, it is widely known that I mean Ed. There are occassions where I will help load or unload, but the conditions have to be near perfect for that to happen, and today, conditions were not favorable at all, so Eddie had to work alone.


Yes, that is the actual temperature. I offered to help, but Ed said I wouldn't last a minute out there. And he's right, I would have probably wound up in the hospital. Even HE said he was getting dizzy from the heat. He took several breaks, coming inside to cool off and drink water, but his face stayed fire engine red the entire time. And he was pulsating. I think he was cooking; being baked alive under the Arizona sun.

I do have one thing to say about people who claim it's a dry heat. They are FUCKED. IN. THE. HEAD.

Well, maybe I don't have just one thing to say about them. They are DELUSIONAL. In need of MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. Have seriously DAMAGED brain matter. The fact that they can actual say those words, without smirking? tells me they have something wrong with them. You hear it all the time. "Oh, it's so much better than when I lived in XYZ, where we had heat and humidity. Here, we have a dry heat. You barely feel it."


You people are LYING. You are the George Bush's of the Southwest. You tell lies you don't even know you are telling and you've told them so often, you actually start to believe it. You can be on fire and you would still be telling the guy sitting next to you that heat without humidity is the prefereable kind. You have just proven that you can lie when the heat is on and do it with a smile on your face.

And I have to say, smile taken into consideration; it's not a pretty sight.

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