Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not Sloppy. No Joe. Just Bob And His Loosemeats Residing In The Ice Cream Capital Of The World.

While in LeMars, Iowa this week, we tried a local favorite; loosemeats. As you enter the restaurant, before getting to the order counter, you have to pass a wall displaying an article from Gourmet magazine praising this oddly named food. Gourmet magazine? Hmm. Can't be that bad if Gourmet wrote about it.

Bob's Drive Inn calls their sandwich a "Tavern" and we each had one, along with a shared order of cheeseballs. Now, I've always known a cheeseball to be a person who acts corny, wears tacky clothing or makes inappropriate comments at precisely the wrong moment; but not in Iowa. In Iowa, a cheeseball is actually a cheese ball. Battered and fried. And how can one go wrong with fried cheese? Exactly.

After our introduction to loosemeats and balls o' cheese, we sauntered across the street to the Ice Cream Capital of the World's visitor center and museum; home of Blue Bunny ice cream. We had a nice little tour, learning the history of ice cream, the creation of the Blue Bunny name and how more ice cream is produced in LeMars, Iowa than in any other city in the world.

Now that's a scoop!

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