Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Not So Much Fun To Roll Out Your Best Sales Schpiel On A Mute

Eddie and I have been talking about buying a motorhome. We've looked at several in the last month and so far, we like this one, this one and this one.

These homes on wheels are amazingly gorgeous with all the bells and whistles. At one dealership, we spent at least four hours with the salesman, looking at several models and getting the scoop on all of them. The downside? Spending four hours with a salesman. Unfortunately, when you drive into a dealership, they descend upon you like vultures. Sometimes we're unable to outrun them since they often drive golf carts, causing us to be stuck with a shadow while we browse.

Today we passed a local RV Show, set up at a fairground. Ed commented that we should just comb the country for shows so we can wander around as we please and not have to even talk to a salesman.

He thought maybe if we pretended we didn't speak English, we could get out of having a salesman on our tail. He said, "Maybe we can pretend to be Russian or Romanian or something. You know, a language that's not common so we won't be forced to talk to them."

"Well, that's an idea." I said.

"Or you could just nod and smile, like people who don't understand the language often do. Whadya think? We'll just pretend we're not from around here." He was getting all excited about his plan. "So, what kind of accent do you think I should have?"

I said, "Why don't you just pretend you're mute and I'll do all the talking?"

I don't think he was too keen on that idea; he gave me mal occhio.

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